About Us

Sun Fumitech is one of the well-known pest elimination firm situated in Karachi, Pakistan. We are highly committed, with our performance to handle in a convenient way. Our fumigation services based on all sorts of the section like a business, household, farming and much more. Our significant preference is to complete the task in a rapid way and provide reliable & free surrounding with all sort of pests and harmful termite. However, we are so professional and possess the latest technologies for pest eradication. We know, some fumigation technologies can be unsuitable for the surrounding. But, Sun Fumitech have non-poison tools for your mission.

About us


  • We have a substantial understanding of pest eradication.
  • We possess a powerful pest destroying strategy.
  • We are utilizing the latest technologies to combat the various pest.
  • We hold an accomplished practice of pest control.
  • We are accommodating long-term performance guarantee.
  • We have served well-known clients across Pakistan with no critics.

Sun Fumitech concentrates in several control techniques in place to deliver you the greatest service.
The Sun Fumitech Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) includes:


In this part, we inspect your whole property from the inside and outside. This inspection led us to know about the following pest problems you are facing. After that, we note down the following points and techniques to sort out your query. Inspection needs a thorough concentration and dedication.


We are so professional in identifying your problem through speedy techniques. Whether you have a significant pest problems, our team are highly skilful to recognise your case study. After, striving inspection we identify the sort of pest or termite you are facing, then we utilize the effective treatment to implement.


Our technicians receive ongoing training and are experts in customizing a service program to meet your specific needs.


We are using innovative and modern treatment methods, to free your surrounding with a wide range of pest and termite. We extremely prevent those type of chemical or toxic material in the treatment process, so that it can not affect the people, furniture, pets and more over your surrounding.


We destroy the pest in that area, which seems to be complex for others, through an efficient method. Our reliable pest control techniques prevent your surroundings with any type of toxic reaction. Our precise protection method & safety officer will guide and instruct you the following tips to tackle after detailed treatment.


You can rely on Sun Fumitech, which possess a sufficient answer for your household and businesses, to destroy the pest permanently. We are committed to providing you with high-quality solutions including:

  • 24-hours immediate service
  • Precise conditions for meeting
  • Recorded assurance
  • Cheapest pricing services
  • No agreement needed
  • Complementary identification service