Sun Fumitech is always prepared to counter pest infestation from your property. There are various techniques and technologies, we use to give 100% results in rapid time. To eradicate the pest forever, we consistently guide the clients about inhibitory actions. As the season changes with respect to time, we can witness many sorts of pest generation, waiting to get inside our properties. However, the advantage of availing Sun Fumitech termite control services is that you will receive standard and outclass service without any time duration. Moreover, we guarantee that if any pest regenerated again after our service then we will refund your money. This is the confidence which is giving us major success not in Karachi but across all Pakistan. Following is a list of services that we offer:


Sun Fumitech crew members are highly skilful and dedicated to exterminating pest & termite invasion from your home, restaurant, offices, industrial areas, hotels, factories and much more. Our general fumigation services include beetle, bee, ant, mosquito, fly, flea and termite. General fumigation is like a general treatment, to provide your property with a safe exit.


The cockroach control is not like a piece of cake. It requires a steady concentration and devotion. However, Sun Fumitech is honoured to provide cockroach pest control services with the latest technologies & techniques, to make our performance easier and reliable. Our cockroach removal techniques are highly praised across Karachi with affordable cockroach fumigation cost.


We regularly make sure to protect the situation or atmosphere with our performance. That is why Sun Fumitech rat control service extremely emphasize on rat eradicating techniques like toxin baits, fixed traps, glue boards, holes filling and so on. Our rat control techniques in Karachi, not only safeguard ecosystem but also protect atmospheric pressure.


With the support of Sun Fumitech, the local government (KMC & Karachi District) had run garden spraying campaign to eradicate harmful insects like whiteflies, earwig, bumblebee, fire ant and so on. We have those chemicals, which will not affect your garden or soil pollution. Although, it gives a further boost to grow rapid plants and trees.


Termite fumigation is generally the cleanse of white ants from your home, garden, offices, hotels, restaurants or any of the properties. Sun Fumitech is the best termite control company in Karachi and across Pakistan. Moreover, our termite control services have proved our dedication, commitment and reliability.

We are recognised as one of the best termite control company. Our soil treatment involves the restoration of soil, which support plants.


Corrective treatment involves drilling inside the affected material. This is the best treatment to eradicate all sorts of pest, which are complex to be destroyed. Sun Fumitech corrective treatment possess with the latest methods and technologies, with the benefit, not to damage your items or surroundings. We highly rely on innovative techniques to give effective results.